Elimine estas aplicaciones de Android Scammy que generaron 382 millones de descargas


Delete These Scammy Android Apps That Drove 382M Downloads

Elemine estas aplicaciones de Android Fraudulentas  que generaron 382 millones de descargas,

Here are all the crappy apps you should delete

It’ll take all of one minute or so to check your phone and make sure you don’t have any of the scammy apps from Shenzhen HAWK—or the various app developer names it uses. Google has removed all 24 apps in question from the Google Play Store, but you’ll have to uninstall them manually. They won’t just disappear from your device.

Aquí están todas las aplicaciones malas que debes eliminar

Le tomará aproximadamente un minuto revisar su telĂ©fono y asegurarse de no tener ninguna de las aplicaciones fraudulentas de Shenzhen HAWK, o los diversos nombres de desarrolladores de aplicaciones que usa.  Google ha eliminado las 24 aplicaciones en cuestiĂłn de Google Play Store, pero deberá desinstalarlas manualmente.  No solo desaparecerán de su dispositivo.

The apps, ranked in order of downloads, are:

Sound Recorder (100M)

Super Cleaner (100M)

Virus Cleaner 2019 (100M)

File Manager (50M)

Joy Launcher (10M)

Turbo Browser (10M)

Weather Forecast (10M)

Candy Selfie Camera (10M)

Hi VPN, Free VPN (10M)

Candy Gallery (10M)

Calendar Lite (5M)

Super Battery (5M)

Hi Security 2019 (5M)

Net Master (5M)

Puzzle Box (1M)

Private Browser (500,000)

Hi VPN Pro (500,000)

World Zoo (100,000)

Word Crossy! (100,000)

Soccer Pinball (10,000)

Dig it (10,000)

Laser Break (10,000)

Music Roam (1,000)

Word Crush (50)

If any of these look like something you have on your device, you can also check to see whether the developer is one of the following:

Tap Sky


ViewYeah Studio

Hawk App

Hi Security

Alcatel Innovation Lab

Shenzen Hawk

If so, you should delete the offending apps. Don’t dawdle.

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